Tea Leaf Readings.

Tea leaf readings now at Sole Retreat, 7 Mayne road, Elgin.

Derek & Angela can both read Tea leaf’s and enjoy doing cards and mediumship along with having a Tea party or High tea.

A small Afternoon tea party can be done in their offices where up to 12 people can enjoy great tea with a few cakes and biscuits.


You can also book a home party or they can be hired for events.

Tea parties in their office

£25 per head including snacks etc, you can bring your own extras like prosecco, home bakes etc

Great for a Baby shower, Hen parties, Baby naming can be arrange also along with it.

Great fun and very relaxed afternoon.

Some comments and Pictures from our Parties.

Thank you Angela and Derek for a great afternoon which I am sure was enjoyed by everyone that attended.

My tea leaf cup reading and single card reading was quite amazing and so true. We done a short meditation and I was with my Dad in a wee more like a van than a car received a gift of a red heart in a wooden box from him.Thanks for the cakes , scones etc and making everyone feel so welcome was just magic xxx MF

Check our events page for details of our next Tea Parties

Tea Leaf readings as on there own with a card reading etc to £45 for 30-40 mins, as an add on to a private session with Derek or Angela £10

Contact Derek on 07468119635 or email derek@ahappymedium.co.uk

 Derek’s Guide to Tea Leaf readings

Taking a brief look at the history of tea leaf reading, tea leaf reading is also called tasseomancy, tasseography or teomancy. Tea leaf reading – or fortune telling by tea leaves began to make its mark in popularity during the 17th century when tea was introduced into Europe from China. Many believe tea leaf reading originated in Chine and that present-day tea leaf reading is thought to have originated in Asia, the Middle East and Ancient Greece.

Tea leaf reading began to grow in popularity during the 1800’s as a means of telling one’s fortune/future spread by nomadic gypsies throughout Europe. The name tasseomancy comes from the Arabic word ‘tassa’, meaning cup and the Greek word ‘mancy’ meaning divination.

Tea leaf fortune telling uses the symbols and the patterns formed by the residue of tea as a means of telling one’s fortune/future. Typically, the tea should be drunk in a light-coloured china cup, with a handle a wide brim and smaller bottom a matching white saucer is also needed.

Like any other forms of divination, tea leaf reading also requires the seer to use their intuitive knowledge and clairvoyance to interpret the symbols. Typically, a natural clairvoyants Like Derek and Angela will be able to read many events and scenes in the cup which would be passed over by others that are not so gifted. However even those not gifted can learn the basic shapes and symbols which can be seen in the teacup.

Tea leaf reading – fortune telling by tea leaves is still popular in Ireland, Scotland, Canada and the USA as well as other places.

Tea leaf reading is still today classed as an art of the Romany Gypsy or one that is typically performed in the home, both our Grannies read tea leaves and was a great source of fun and enchantment.

There has been a resurgent of tea leaf reading as the popularity of tea as being a health drink continues today, Derek has already done events at top venues such The Gleneagles Hotel in Perthshire, Durn House in Portsoy and Angela just loves using her Scrying skills too, with the use of Runes and Angel cards which enhances your experience.

Put a pinch of tea leaves in the cup and pour boiling water over them, allowing it to stand about three minutes. Drink the contents of the cup leaving tea leaves and a very small amount of liquid in the bottom.

The “sitter” should approach the oracle in all seriousness and during the ritual should concentrate on his or her future destiny and “wish” that the symbol shall correctly represent happenings to come.The person whose fortune is to be told, call the “sitter” or “consultant”, should then take the cup by the handle in the left hand, rim upwards, and move it in a circle rapidly three times from left to right some of the tea leaves will seem to cling to the sides of the cup while others remain in the bottom. Next slowly invert the cup over the saucer and leave it there until all liquid drains away.

The handle of the cup represents the “sitter” in his or her own “sphere” or “residence” and is the “south” point of the compass. This fixed point designates “letters to” the consultant or “journeys away from”, “visitors to be expected”, distance “to and from”, etc.

The cup is divided into three parts. The rim designates the present; the side, events not far distant; and the bottom the distant future. The nearer the symbols appear to the handle the nearer to fulfilment will be the events foretold.

The placement of a tasseography symbol within the cup often changes its meaning, whether slightly or completely. Here are two examples of this:

A clover near the top of the cup means good luck will come soon, but the closer it gets to the bottom means the more distant the luck is. A dog symbolizes good friends if near the top of the cup, unfaithful friends if near the middle and secret enemies if at the bottom.

How the symbols interact with other, nearby symbols can change their meanings, as well. For example, hands are interpreted in relation to what’s near them, such as what they are pointing toward or reaching toward.

Also, the overall placement of symbols in the cup can change their meanings. Some readers divide the cup into sections to read with regard to the wish or question the reader has focused on for the reading. Here are a few methods of this:

Divide the cup into vertical halves (left and right), using the handle to the right as an anchor point. The symbols on the left side are potential negative outcomes, while the symbols on the right are potential positive outcomes.

Divide the cup in the same way but use them to answer “yes” or “no” to the question of the querent. Divide the cup into horizontal halves (top and bottom). The bottom half signifies the past and the top half signifies the future.


There is lots of information on Symbols on the internet.

For more information contact Derek on 07468119635 or email derek@ahappymedium.co.uk