Blog About ITeraCare Terahertz Device

Hi and welcome to this blog on the Itera care Devices.

Both Angela my wife and I are Independent Business Owners of PRIFE who make the Itra care devices. Below are some links and video explaining more about the Itera care devices we use and have had great results with our clients.

A great Video explaining about the Terahertz devices.


iTeraCare – The Greatest Wealth Is Health from EF Production on Vimeo.

If you would like to try out the device or become a distributor book an appointment with Derek or Angela Tel 07468119635 or email

Please note there are a number of Fake devices out there, please only buy from Independent Business Owners of PRIFE as they are the only official retailers/sellers of this product which is guaranteed for 1 year!


Facebook links

National groups

iTeraCare Health

iTeraCare Wave Therapy – Testimonies & Support

This is our local group called Who can Help 

Some useful files

How to use the blower

Scientific explanation of itracare Wand 

Charged Water