Past Life & This Life Therapy

Derek talking about past life regression

This is a one to one Consultation which is recorded for you to take away.
Costs start from £80 per session last about 60 – 90 minutes.

Derek can now do a zoom session with you and look at past lives along with a psychic reading.

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People come for Past Life Regression for many different reasons. The main ones are:

THERAPY – Our character today represents a culmination of all the experiences we have had over numerous lifetimes. These past life events affect many aspects of our behaviour, and in some cases, past deeply emotional traumas can cause psychological problems which cannot be cured with ordinary psychotherapy. Past life therapy can release these repressed thoughts and bring about a beneficial change.

UNDERSTANDING – Exploring your past lives offers a whole new dimension to the understanding of your own character. You suddenly realise for the first time why you are drawn to certain places or have a particular interest in something.

INTEREST – Many enjoy the experience of tracing their past lives purely from the point of curiosity. Certain past existences in particular can be pieced together with great detail, producing names, dates and places. Many of these details have been researched and authenticated, resulting in some fascinating literature on the subject.

RELATIONSHIPS – Quite often, groups of interacting souls reincarnate together and take on the roles of relations, friends or even rivals. Many believe this happens to balance the laws of karma – the harmony or disharmony caused by people’s behaviour towards each other. Have you ever met someone for the first time, yet feel you have known them all your life?

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The most important thing that I want to happen is that you feel comfortable and at ease when you come for therapy. Hopefully, an explanation here will make your first approach nice and straightforward. On your first visit we will discuss exactly what you want from past life regression and a few notes will be taken. I will ask you to unplug phones switch off mobiles turn of TVs etc.

All you need to do is sit in a comfortable chair or lie down on a sofa/ bench/bed/ table, we then have the first induction into hypnosis and start exploring your past lives. Being inducted into hypnosis is a gentle, relaxed process, guided only by my voice. There are no pendulums or bright lights. In the hypnotic state, you are by no means asleep, even though would appear to be. There is a heightened awareness, so you know everything that is happening around you, while still being able to recall very fine details of what you are seeing and hearing in your mind.

You have the opportunity to have your past life sessions recorded.

Derek was drawn to go to Culloden Battlefield in Inverness where he was born and resulted in him questioning his own past lives with other Therapists could it have been linked to his past lives, a question everyone asks sometimes

Past life regression has helped me greatly, when I was at Culloden my phones power suddenly drained which lead me to get a past life regression myself as the visit was so powerful, Past life regression is a fascinating thing to do I love hearing back and helping my clients find out why certain places freak them out etc..

Here’s what a client said

I recently went to see Derek McGillivray at a floor show in Aberdeen.  During this show I volunteered to be regressed to a past life.  During this I was regressed to a young 6 year old girl called Isobell who was frightened of a tall man in the trees wearing a black top hat.  During this time I was swaying in my chair, Derek decided to move me on and regressed me further.

Next I was on a boat, I could feel the wooden boards under my feet and could feel the cold air round me.  During this time in my mind I WAS THINKING I WAS ON The Titanic, but when Derek asked the year I said 1842 he asked my name which I replied Janet (I think the recording is very quiet at that point).  I was going to America to find a husband, I was on the boat with my young sister.  Derek asked what was a significant event in this life.  I answered “The Boat sinks” Derek asked the name of the boat which I could not give. Derek went on to ask the names of my parents.  I replied William and started rocking again. After this Derek took me back to the  present time.  I was very emotional and was in tears. Derek asked what I learned to use in this life?

I have a phobia of drowning and get panic attacks when in deep water.  I am over coming this at the moment by going to swimming lessons.

After the show I came home and Googled 1842 sinking and discovered there was a boat called the William Brown which sank in 1841 in the same part of the ocean The Titanic sank in hundreds of years later.  It too was also on its way to USA and struck an iceberg.  On board this ship was a mother called Jane Anderson who was traveling with her 2 daughters (un named) to join their father in America. All 3 were lost when the ship went down.  The story of the William Brown is quite a tragic story as some of the survivors were thrown off one of the life boats so the crew could survive.  I was totally amazed by the regression.

During the time I felt very safe with Derek by my side leading me to safety when he felt I needed it.  He even called me the next day to see how I was doing and giving me advise on how to deal with the info I had received.  I have had readings and treatments from Derek in the past and I must say he is great.  I have recommended him to all my friends many of which have had  readings from him.  He is always encouraging and helpful in my ongoing development.  A genuinely nice guy with a fantastic talent. I am so glad I met him”.
Ann G

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Derek often runs Workshops on Past life regression.