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Loads of reviews from years ago and here are some below. 

He is the happy medium,
Derek is his name,
Fae tarot cards ‘n’ spooky readin’s,
Ye’ll niver be the same.

He’ll tell ye things fae the past,
That ‘ill bla yer fookin’ brain,
I’m niver gan tae doot this man,
Coz I’ll go back tae him again.

He’ll tell ye folk are watchin’,
‘N’ standin’ richt by you,
Communicatin’ wi him,
‘N’ tellin’ fit’s fookin’ true.

Stories fae a lang time past,
They’ll channel through him direct,
Things that go richt fookin’ back,
That ye jist widna expect.

He’s happy and he’s smiley,
Makin’ ye feel at ease,
Hopin’ that the readin’s,
He brings tae ye will please

So if ye wint an appointment,
Jist get yet money oot,
Coz I wiz fookin’ gob smacked,
‘N’ he’s the best thats gan aboot !!!!

From Dod Watt, Aberdeen

Lastest email Testimonal

” Had telephone reading with Derek today (20th March 2018). AMAZING! 100% accurate. Could tell me things that had only happened in the last week, blew me away. Anyone reading this needs to book a session with Derek and see for yourself, you will be amazed. I have had email card readings, face to face reading and todays telephone reading. Will always use Derek if I need help with anything. Great guy, puts you at ease and such a laugh. Thanks, so much Derek. Look forward to speaking again in the future. I from Inverness”

Last year I went to a show with A Happy Medium and had a private reading. I am open to the afterlife but of the opinion that things can be faked, and selective questioning can be used to extract information to give people what they want to hear. I found the show very entertaining and Derek had a great repour with the audience.

For my private reading I kept my cards very close to my chest and tried not to give any information away for him to work with. to my shock Derek told me things that I was’nt even thinking off and he revealed very personal information to me that no-one would be able to know. I don’t know what other people think or believe but I was stunned with some of the information he told me. I found the whole reading a positive, uplifting experience. If you are ever curious or just want to see something amazing I would recommend you see a Happy Medium! (Derek Mcgillivray.)

Iain McC

Well got my reading today and it was amazing! Got a couple of messages from my Dad and it was exactly what I thought he would say if he was here! In some sense it was a huge relief to get his advice. also got some good guidance on issues that are happening in my life, would highly recommend this medium/life coach to anyone that needs a sense of closure in their life. Thank you so much Derek McGillivray you are such a talented guy. Also want to say that Dad I love you so much and I will definitely take on board all you have said and I am glad you are in a better place. Emma

Email from the Selen 2 hotel 14/7/2013

Hi Derek

Hope you had a good journey back to U.K.

Thank you for giving your time to do the physic presentation show to raise money for the Thomas Cook Children’s Fund everyone here really enjoyed it and many of the guests are still talking about it and some who weren`t here at the time have asked if you are doing another one.  We have had fantastic feed-back from guests and Thomas Cook representatives who had individual readings, one phrase keeps cropping up “absolutely amazing”, you have helped so many people whilst you were here on holiday, thank you once again.  Hope you can come and stay at Selen 2 Hotel in Icmeler Turkey again soon so that we can again organise another charity night – great entertainment and something completely different for our guests.

Take care, hope to see you soon.

Colleen. July 2013

I’ve always thought psychics were a lot of pish, however, met A happy medium last night and it blew me away, told me things I had completely forgotten about, was very emotional. Most amazing thing I’ve ever done.

Lauri on the 10 July 2013

Sat 1st June I had a few people round for readings with Derek . Everyone was delighted and amazed with his accuracy. Already 2 things have happened this week that he said would. My friends and I will be booking him again. As well as the readings he was very helpful with life tips. Would recommend him, without hesitation to anyone looking for a psychic or life coach.

Diane Harvey.

Thanks Derek for a great night. Very successful and hope to organise another Psychic Night again with you soon. Good reviews from everyone who attended and especially loved the medium side of it. found the tarot cards and fortune cookies were a great wee added extra!! Kind regards Reception Royal Hotel Argyll Square Oban. 26.01.13

Psychic Evening Selkirk.. many thanks for coming all the way down to our lovely Border Country to demonstrate your amazing psychic abilities,the personal readings given to friends and family have been very accurate. You brought peace of mind and a smile to many knowing their loved ones are safe and well. Bradley has now gone back to rugby and will keep his shoes on when returning home from a night out, as for the minor car accident they had kept it secret from their mother there is nothing like a psychic evening to find out the truth !!! As for my own reading watch this space for things coming true!! Can’t wait to see you again in September for a few more days of surprising people. Your pure dead brilliant.

EB 7/7/12

Thank you so much for giving comfort and reassurance. A lovely reading, very accurate regarding loved ones who have passed into spirit world. Maggie 1/12

Thank you very much a great reading, so accurate its unbelievable!

Kenny 1/12

Psychic Demonstration at my place just blew everyone away, Truely gifted Man

Tracy Gilmour, Argyll Holistic Therapy Oban 20/1/12

Fantastic Gave me some more backbone, I always feel more active and positive after sessions at Tracys, Derek gave me food for thought and made me believe I can do it! will definitely contact Derek again, a big thank you!

Lorna 20.20.12

I’ve had a fantastic Evening at the Psychic Demonstration with Derek Mc Gillivray Hosted by Tracy Gilmour. Just want to say Thank you to them both. Thoroughly enjoyed it J D 20/1/12

Thanks for a fab night, so glad you invited me, I feel a calm has come over me xx H T 20/1/12

“Derek is one of the kindest and selfless people I have met. He has the balance right in being able to support someone, recognize their pace and readiness for change, and the ability to tailor his approach accordingly to gently move them forwards. Having gone through a huge amount of personal change and self development, this has developed his empathy skills. He is a skilled coach and counselor who has the aptitude of being able to see things from a variety of perspectives. With his happy go lucky nature he builds rapport quickly and puts those he works with at ease.”  JM 16/08/11

Well ! what can I say? ! Interesting, accurate which has given me a lot to think about! You haven’t seen the last of me!

Thank you very much! Jill 07/11

Have had two readings now both had accurate information and validation (Good advice) from sprit, absolutely spot on, looking forward to more sessions enabling my spiritual path, You’re a true diamond!!!

Liz 02/11

My first time and was quite sceptical, a lot of meaningful things came though. Thank you very much and can’t wait till the next time. Nat S 07/11

The staff from the crofters bar Fort William came to the office for a Psychic night with some group dems of mediumship, healings, card readings, and some had 1-1 readings. this is what they had to say: “We had a fantastic night. Derek made you feel so comfortable. It was a great night to have with friends. Derek explained the readings so well. Looking forward to the next one.”


I met Derek at Dee Street Spiritualist Church and being a chatter box started speaking as I believe in Spirit. Since then Derek has been a supportive friend and has given me very accurate readings. Recently particularly my Grandmother came through in a reading we were very close. He told me things I didn’t know and had to confirm with my mum birth dates events giving me evidence my Grandma was there . Derek is genuine, decent and kind and I would recommend you have a reading or visit Derek for a number of therapies he offers Life Coaching, Reiki and many more. We live in stressful times and I think everyone should visit Derek and take some you time. Denise Simpson 17/12/2010.

I received an Xmas present from my fiancé last year which was the best present ever. He bought me a voucher for Derek so we could hold a party at my house with some of my friend and family. We held this night at the end of Jan 2010 and the night was a great success.

The majority of us having private readings as well as some games included for us all as a group. For me this was also my last night together with all my close friends prior to me being due my first baby in March 2010.

When I had my reading from Derek I was told lots of things. Derek had asked when I was due my baby, I replied 17th March. After having lots more conversation he revealed to me that I would have my baby on 21st March and that I would call my baby something beginning with the letter “L”. Not known to Derek we had already chosen the names if it was a girl she was going to be called Imogen and if a boy he was going to be called Levi. He also told me that things were not going to be easy. From that I took it he was talking about motherhood, this I had thought a lot about but was ready for the change in my life and nothing ever goes perfect, so will just take each day as it comes and deal with anything that comes our way.

As my due date approached we were all getting very excited and the day finally came….then passed then a few more days passed and to our amazement, I went into labour at 6am on 21st March! Whilst being in labour there were some complications which ended up with me having an emergency section and my son being born at 21:33!! Levi was in special care for a few days but I am glad to report that we were all home a few days later.

So looking back at my reading, it was 21st March, it was a wee boy and we named him Levi and it was not an easy time in labour. How about that!?! We were so delighted with everything, it was spot on!

We would like to say a big thank you for being such a big part of our joy at that special time and also thanks for the messages Derek sent to us when Levi was in special care.


Thanks Again Derek, will see you soon, Leona & Colin x

Thank you Derek.

For making a big difference in all my families lives. We were all able to move on

Thank you again XX

Anne Spence 5/4/10

Thanks Derek You have freaked me out with how accurate the reading was but you have left me buzzing!

Cheers! LS April 10

Past life regression.

Brill, very emotional and enlightening. Would recommend to everyone as it helps with fears and phobias in present life. Totally relaxing and at peace with a better understanding of what I have to do.

Thanks, Katherine Feb 10

Never believed in it before but I am totally convinced it was strange and emotional would of paid double, thanks it really helped me get back on track.

ED ,March 10

Lesley Ingram Elder04 May 2010 at 08:34

Subject: Testimonial

Hey Derek,

I tried to leave a testimonial on your website, but guess that you have to vet them first: Having waited 22 years to get the message I was waiting for, it was Derek that finally delivered it. He spent almost an hour with me, while the party of girls was raging on in another room. At some points in the reading he was lost for words, and others, there were tears in his eyes. It was both shocking and emotional for both of us, but also, was delivered at the right time for both of us, obviously, I can’t go into any details.

Anyway, the upshot is, that my life has totally turned around, at the age of 43, I am about to embark on a new life, I’m going to do a BA/BSc honours degree in Environmental studies, and then a Masters degree in Earth and Environmental Science, this was not anything that I had even considered before, but fits completely with information from my reading, but had forgotten about until this evening. I have also started to live fully again, and broken out from the 9-5 rut that I was in. I am finally being me, and am on the right path again. Ancient festering emotional wounds are now healing and my future is now looking so exciting. And best of all, I know my loved ones that have passed on, are with me when I need them, but enjoying their afterlife in the way they should have been able to enjoy their Earth life. Death no longer is something that I dread, just a step to the next part of my life (excuse the pun)

Derek is so talented in many ways, from bringing us messages from loved ones, to pointing us onto the correct path in life and healing both the body and mind. A visit to him may for some, be a fun and interesting evening, and for others, the first step on the correct path to the rest of your life.

After a brief IM conversation this evening, my acute pain has been relieved – I know, hard to believe, but true, so my next visit will be with my daughter, for reiki and past life regression, as I know events from her past life are hindering her present life, and I’m sure there will be a fantastic testimonial to be written after that visit – so, watch this space

Lesley 43 Fort William

Hi there,

Although its a little late I would like to give feedback on the readings that Derek gave to me and my friends last year.

Derek very kindly came all the way down to West Lothian on a Saturday to entertain my friends and give one to one readings. The group of ladies thoroughly enjoyed the interactive activities that we took part in. The readings were all well received but I would like to comment on mine and my daughters in particular.

Firstly, my daughter had lived with her partner for 2 years and he had made it very clear that he would never get married. However, Derek told her that he would be proposing and that they would get married soon. She told me it in confidence and thought that it would never happen. Within 1 month of the reading out of no-where he did indeed propose and she is delighted and the wedding is all booked. Imagine her partner’s amazement when we told him afterwards of the reading.

Also throughout my reading Derek was spot on. There has been a family break up and Derek got it spot on. I lost my mum a few years back and Derek got our relationship to a tee. he also picked up on the fact that we played bingo….Derek then went on to tell me Id win money playing bingo. But as I no longer go to landline bingo I simply thought I wish…haha

However I do play on-line and to my amazement 2 months after the reading I won £1800.00 on the same site my mum and I played on. I was delighted with the money and also with the fact that Derek had been spot on.

Thanks Derek.

The readings were detailed in their content and also the predictions were so accurate. Hope to meet you again soon.

Hilda Rennie


I would just like to say thank you for the clarification that I need when i phoned you at Psychic-Tv around noon today. Not only has it helped me clarify what I was already being told, you have helped me look at what i need to be doing on my own development path too.

thank you again,

Kindest regards,

Sharon. 18/12/09

Thank you Derek very interesting with pretty good readings

Cathy 10.06.09

OMG that was out of this world

Sandy Aug 09

First reading Exciting and impressive. Accurate points made enjoyed myself would love to do it again.

Thanks Jamie Aug 09

Never believed it before but I am totally convinced it was strange and emotional would have paid double thanks really helped to get me back on track.

Cheers Eddy Aug 09

I am so pleased my Mum, Dad & Iain came through for me and they are all looking out for each other

Margret Aug 09

Feeling very positive after this reading my Mum and Dad came through and also a very dear son in law

JJ Oct 09

Thanks, the reading was Brilliant and gave me such a boost helped me so much. So accurate in everything.

Cheers Derek

Amanda Oct 09

Very Pleased with my reading felt so relaxed

Paula Spence Oct 09

I found it interesting and he gave me confidence to reach my goals in life. I was happy with the thing he said next time I should be more relaxed

R Rodger Oct 09


I have had a couple of readings and found it to be very helpful

M Rodger

Fascinating evening in so many ways. Food for thought thanks for the messages. If you want to know Get in touch with Derek

Lyne Oct 09

It was spot on something only my family knew it was hard to sink in.

N Henderson Oct 09

Spot on thank you so much

Jill Alan Oct 09

Cheers Derek, Very informative, very cool loved the exact info and the potential guidance I can go on with. C

All the best, Jason  Oct 09

A really enlightening experience very validating, I am leaving from this party a more fulfilled and happier person.

Thanks Derek LL Oct 09

Amazing Hard to describe

Jacqueline Oct 09

Private reading at the beginning of the night was very revealing, Tarot cards were spot on. Great night Thanks

E B Oct 09

Absolute Fab loved him, so accurate, couldnt believe it, well worth the money xxx

T B Oct 09

Derek is a very interesting person, as a guy who did not believe in any of these things such as card readings, after having my cards read he has now convinced me how true they are.

Gilly McC 3/7/08

Having had a couple of readings now off Derek he was able to tell me things nobody else knew scary didnt believe but starting to now.

Susan R 3/7/08

Cannot believe how accurate Derek was about myself as a person and my life past and present, going home now to act on a few things also my Mum is totally lost for words in the things that Derek told her and is now a total belevier in all that Derek told her

Thanks Derek

Sharen McCawley 12/07/08

A Quite stunning session which brought back memories long forgotten some not so pleasant but very accurate.

Rab 13/08/08

A very emotional first time, with lots of different feelings but nice! Felt content after knowing someone is watching over me.

Liz 18/7/08

First time getting my cards read, Didn’t know what to expect. Enjoyed the experience and was quite shocked with how you knew thing/situations about my life

Y 18/7/08

A Varied relaxing reading very accurate information, questions to ask questions answered, till the next time.

Jennifer 20/08/08

Enjoyed the reading had answers to areas that I would like to expand in, and also allowed healing to begin due to bereavement

Thank you

Tracy C 20/08/08

First experience, some accurate facts, enjoyed the experience will call you again

Susan x 23/08/08

Very informative very nice man

Shirley Birrne

Really enjoyed my reading and was surprised at how accurate Derek was.

Thank you


Very good very accurate and thought provoking.


Absolutely magic, spot on

Marty bergin


Wow, really converted, spot on many things that had happened and I know, nobody else knew.

Thank you

Nuria  3/12/08

Excellent, told me things about my life and changes that will happen. He gave me things to look forward to.

Thanks Lisa  3/12/08

Fantastic, very accurate, he mentioned things from the past that was spot on. Cant wait till the future to see the predictions become reality.

Thanks Lynne 4/12/08

Spot on, and a sense of humour, will defiantly be seeing you again.

Thanks Pattie 16/01/09

Brill life looks fun for me Yehaa! Got my past accurate.

Thank You

Becca 30/01/09

Derek was amazing when I had a reading with him instead of a member of the family coming through Derek had my old horse Thunder I was shocked, he described him and even knew what the old boy died from. It was good to know he was OK and still around me.

Thank you Derek x

Jacqui 24/11/09

Hi Derek I just wanted to say thank you for an amazing reading last night; to say it left me stunned is a bit of an understatement!  Your reading of the tarot cards was so precise that you picked up things that, as yet, I have not discussed with anyone.  Having recently made some decisions and having a clear-out of some areas of my life (albeit after a bit of dithering) it was comforting to know that the cards indicated that my decisions had been the right ones and that with effort and perseverance on my part things will eventually work out in my favour.

I woke up this morning feeling more rested and positive than I have done in months; thank you for helping me to see a clearer way forward and giving me the courage to make the difficult decisions and stick to them.

I hope that my mum’s puzzle didn’t leave you too perplexed J Julie 2009

My 5 friends and I arranged to have Derek give us individual readings recently and everyone was impressed by his talents. One sceptical friend came back from her reading in happy tears after receiving a message from her recently deceased relative. The following day she looked relaxed and happy  – for the first time since the funeral she told me she felt as if a huge weight had been lifted.

So on behalf of us all – thank you for sharing your skills Derek – we will be recommending you to others!

Liz and friends, Glasgow, October 2009x

Derek thank you, that was the most accurate reading I have had in a long time.

Anne C 13th May 2009

Ireland May 2009

Derek thank you  so much for the Angel card reading, you are spot on with everything


Thank you Derek for such a beautiful and positive reading, it made me feel as though I am on the right path in life, surrounded by people who do care for me and that I am in heavens thoughts.

Iene xx

Thank you for your positive reading and your great thoughts,


Thanks so much for the very accurate reading, an eye opener for me. Thanks so much, much appreciated


4th June

Thanks Derek, reading appeared accurate and very relaxing. Good to know there somebody looking out for me

Caroline 9th April 09

I had a reading with you recently, I’ve had readings before, I find it such a comfort to have confirmation that my loved ones are with me although there are times when I think they spend more time with my brother and sister. I miss them all so much. You mentioned a group photograph which depicted an anniversary or special occasion with me standing on the left of the picture with hills behind me. I knew I did not have a photo like that on my wall so when I got home I had a look. On my unit in the living room there are several photo’s one is of my mum and dad with my boys when they were little, another one is of myself, husband and boys the day after a wedding reception, we all got dressed up to have a professional picture done, then on the left of the unit is a photo of me when I’d gone to Ireland and behind that is one of the hills where my aunty Sheila’s  ashes  are scattered, spookey eh? my mum, dad and aunty came through for me, as usual I was reduced to tears. So thank you for my reading it was lovely. I would love to book another one soon.

Many thanks

jane Milton 9th Feb 09

“Derek has a very gentle way about him and gives very detailed readings including lots of validations. I had several readings with Derek over the past year i have always found Derek to be very accurate very down to earth psychic, if you like your readings to be straight to the point then this genuine reader is your man no matter on what subject love relationships work or business or psychic development.

Many thanks for your help and guidance over the past year. “

Love & Light.

Carol March 09