Spiritual Development

Derek talking about Spiritual Development

We can all be psychic Looking back now I had always had gifts but had not realized, very often what stares us in the face we don’t notice, like a smell that is around and we can’t figure out why, a certain tobacco smell then you realize that it was your grandad’s pipe tobacco and you think to yourself how can that be? He is dead

You think of someone and they suddenly bump into you. The phone rings and you know who it is. You get a gut feeling something is wrong and often it is. You get strength from somewhere when you think you have had enough.

You have a major problem and cannot think of a way out of it, and then suddenly you get a thought from nowhere with the answer. Very often when doing something like ironing, when we drift away somewhere, this is just like meditating which is the key to psychic and spiritual development.

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I have found that most of the friends I have who are developing have went though some really bad times and had to find that inner strength or self belief from somewhere.

Most of my own inner strength came when I was lying in a hospital bed with a really sore back and wetting myself just been told I could be paralyzed if I don’t get an operation now, this was my wake up call, I knew then that I had to get fit again and get rid of all the negative stuff I had in my life at that time, be thankful to be alive and start living in the now. I asked for help and it came in many ways, I thought I was going nuts seeing things, dreaming stuff and hearing voices. But hey that was in 2003 and look at me now as I took control of my own life.

I may not be as well off  but I have never been happier and if I can do it anyone can. One thing I have learnt you have to find yourself first and understand how you feel about yourself. It is no use helping others and taking on their problems if you feel unhappy, sad, miserable, frustrated or crazy. You are just adding to your own problems, but what a great feeling it is to help them, help themselves buy sharing our experiences. I think is the best gift to give, and I’ll tell you what it costs , £0000 – yes zilch.

I am often asked to check out peoples homes or buildings and sometimes I pick up on the energies, often when doing a show or event photos have been taken and you can see orbs or images around me like the picture on this page, taken at an event in Oban.

Not everyone is drawn to mediumship like I am. Some are great artists, writers, singers and so on for example. I helped a very spiritual person write about herself. All I did was tell her to write something about the real me/her and she came up with this wonderful peace.

What is me?

What is me? When you,

Take away my name,
Take away my memories,
Take away my language and in all
Take away all my accumulated experiences here on the Earth

Me, in that moment, is an understanding that I am a living being,
a human being.

Me, in that moment is inquisitive, determined and most of all
Patient, in its approach to make sense of its world and surroundings.

Retrospectively, when looking at the process of making sense of the world,
it does not matter if Me does not know it’s name, or memories,
it’s Essence and Approach to the task in hand is still the same as if it did.

And this experience was the prompt for me to examine the Continuous Existence of Human Soul.

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A Poem written about Derek by a local Taxi driver

He is the happy medium, 
Derek is his name,
Fae tarot cards ‘n’ spooky readin’s, 
Ye’ll niver be the same.

He’ll tell ye things fae the past,
That ‘ill bla yer fookin’ brain,
I’m niver gan tae doot this man,
Coz I’ll go back tae him again.

He’ll tell ye folk are watchin’,
‘N’ standin’ richt by you,
Communicatin’ wi him,

 ‘N’ tellin’ fit’s fookin’ true.

Stories fae a lang time past,
They’ll channel through him direct,
Things that go richt fookin’ back,
That ye jist widna expect.

He’s happy and he’s smiley,
Makin’ ye feel at ease,
Hopin’ that the readin’s,
He brings tae ye will please

So if ye wint an appointment,
Jist get yet money oot,
Coz I wiz fookin’ gob smacked,
‘N’ he’s the best thats gan aboot !!!!

From Dod Watt, Aberdeen


Every now and again we need to take that time out be calm and relaxed, so we can reflect on our lives. If we feel stressed, we need to look at why? Then whatever it is, think how I can change it? What I need to do? Then all you need then is to think about when your going to take action?
Don’t let the stresses and storms of life get you down make the time for yourself to chill and relax, so you can reflect your beauty outwards again.

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Some reviews from past workshops.
Attended a Mediumship workshop with Derek, & was simply amazed throughout the whole day as Derek brought out of us abilities for learning to bring through messages for others, lovely group of people & making new friends. Great & patient man highly recommend a reading from as well. Derek, thank you x LM
Loved today! Such a great workshop with lots of lovely people! Thankyou Derek 

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