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Why not try an Angel Card Reading , Derek uses Messages From your Angels cards or cards hes drawn to help you now. Feel free to ask a question when ordering a reading and he will try his best to answer, He takes photos or shows you on video each card so you can see them yourself, it must be pointed out that by law we must say this is entirely for entertainment purposes. It’s a great birthday present to give to your friends and family.

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Customers comment:-

I’ve been to see Derek’s demonstrations a few times, never disappointed and always amazed at how accurate he can be.. Well worth going to see. His Angel readings are also fab at a great price. Keep up the good work Derek Xxxx Angela M

Would highly recommend Derek, he is wonderful. xx

 Ann Garnett

You have to book Derek he’s so good at he work he does. You will not be disappointed

Ann McGuire

Derek pulled an Angel card from the Angels of light cards by Diana Cooper.  Its says  with the Title Archangel Uriel.

Archangel Uriel works on the ruby ray which is made up of purple and gold. it is the ray of wisdom and spirituality.
You are blessed to attract this angel card for he will bring you serenity, love, tranquillity and peace, you in your turn are invited to spread these beautiful qualities to others.
Connecting with archangel Uriel will enable you to aspire to oneness with all humanity. this is a high state of grace which will bring you freedom and joy.
Visualise yourself in a purple and golden cloak and invoke Archangel Uriel’s help to raise your consciousness,
My Affirmation is I am one with everyone in peace and serenity.
Fantastic card for me I love the purple and it is the sign of intuition, so looks like I will have to carry on helping you all as that’s me been told lol.
Example of a angel card reading from Derek he takes a photos of the Cards as well so you can see them!

Angel Crystal says have faith and hope because there is something positive and new on the horizon that you cant see yet, feel there is something going to happen soon but you have to remain positive, feb the 12th stands out ,

Angel mystique says keep charging ahead and don’t take no for an answer expect miraculous solutions to appear, someone is talking you down but don’t listen to them, go with your gut feelings and stand yourground,

Angel Daniel says I am the angel of marriage and I am assisting you right now, feel your stressed a bit and this is affecting your relationships watch your moods and think before you speak, see April being a great time for you a small trip to some where romantic, look for signs from above as feel someone around you in spirit is trying to connect feels female and motherly think she died with chest pains she there giving you support there a picture in a round frame of her.

Derek x

Customer feedback

Derek, spot on waiting for local Council to rehouse us in a more suitable property,February 12th seems about right for Occupational Therapist to visit us…been waiting for a yes answer since June 2011.Stress has been very high have been having Panic Attacks since October which have been dreadful, and relationships have suffered with my son and others around me, my moods have been awful….the female would be my mother, she died from pneumonia.she has been healing me. Not sure who has the photo in a round frame of her but it could be my sister who’s got that.

Thank you so much you were spot on and so accurate, Would like to have a more in depth reading with you when you have time…

Love Barbara xxx

Derek also does Live phone, skype readings/ chat on Zoom, facebook or MSN using a range of cards other than Tarot cards.

Starting from £45 for 30 mins to £80 for 60 mins

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