Business and Personal Mentoring

Award winning Life Coach, Derek McGillivray is also highly regarded as business and personal Mentor.

Mentors act as a trusted ally and a sounding board. Their role is to create an open and honest relationship with a business person and provide a confidential atmosphere to encourage them to feel confident to try out new ideas, address new opportunities or issues that are difficult to discuss within the business. Mentors support business and personal development by giving feedback to reinforce the business & Personal strengths and to help focus on those areas where the business wants to develop and grow.

I absolutely love working with Derek & everything he has told me in terms of his intuitive ability, has been absolutely spot on in years I have known him. He has been a great support in helping me develop and grow my business, Feel Good Fitness, Oban, giving me the direction, I need. He is always first on my mind when I know I need help. He allows me to think clearly and take a different angle on things and deal with tough decisions. I have recommended him to many friends, and they are never disappointed. Laura Carmichael.

Why do I need a Business or Personal Mentor?

You need a Business or Personal Mentor and Coach if you want to be better tomorrow than you are today. Quite simply if you continue to do the same things you will continue get the same results! Having a Business or Personal Mentor will stimulate some new thinking and give you support in trying some new ideas out. They will encourage, not insist, on constant action and all of this can only be good for you and your business. Derek has had many years of personal mentoring others, working with charities to help those of us who have went through difficult times. He has also worked with small and large companies to encourage growth and understanding, his experience of being involved with unions at a very young age, has helped him in delivering solutions to staff issues, change management and also developing a lessons learned process.

Positive Quote by Derek

“You live for today, yesterday is gone and tomorrow hasn’t come yet. So forget the past learn from it, do today what you couldn’t do yesterday and change what could happen tomorrow, do it with love in mind, only you can change your mind set!”

If you would like more information on Derek’s mentoring service, please contact him directly or use the form below, with as much info a possible about what areas you would like to be mentored in. Charges, rates etc are dependent on what you require and are not listed on the normal booking system.

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