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Telephone Consultations

Derek on phoneDerek is able to offer telephone/ skype sessions to those of you who would like a reading or life coaching sessions but are unable to see me in person. The fee for a telephone reading is £40 30mins, Life Coaching is £55 45 mins

Book here now!  or text 07468119635  send email

I would like to add at this point that it makes absolutely no difference whatsoever to a connection whether you are present or overseas. Some people feel that they are required to be present during a connection. This inaccurate belief stems from Tarot card readings, where the sitter is often required to 'shuffle the cards'. This does not apply to spiritual communication with the other dimensions as distance simply does not exist in these realms. Those that have gone on to next stage of existence are able to communicate just the same as if you were sitting with me.

Please note also that this service is subject to my availability, and although I may not be able to conduct the reading or session at the time you call, I will happily arrange a mutually convenient time to call you back.

Check availablity and book here!

If you would like a telephone reading or life Coaching session, simply click the link above or call me on: 07468 119635  send email

If you are in the UK, I will call you back. To pay for the reading, simply book online or Derek will send you a paypal invoice where you can use your debit card or paypal to pay.  As soon as the transaction goes through he will phone you back at the agreed time.

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