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I am now based at,

Skene Business Centre 
96, Rosemount Viaduct 
Aberdeen AB25 1NX 

Derek Blew my mind and was truly the most amazing experience. He managed to be in touch with not one, but multiple of my family members who had passed, with all information I managed to prove to be true. He gave me and my family a lot encouragement by telling us the positives to come out of our negative situation and I really cannot recommend him enough!! Truly amazing and such a gifted and genuine guy. I will definitely be back. CC


I have had card readings and life coaching sessions from Derek. He is spot on with his readings and have gained a lot of insight from his coaching sessions. Highly recommended. KA

Dereks next life coaching workshop 

Looking forward with positve thoughts for 2018

Starts 9.30 am Saturday 13th Jan this is first of many workshops to come on personal & Spiritual development at Skene house business centre, Rosemount Viaduct, Aberdeen

Let him help you find A Happy medium in your life.

Change what makes you sad whether relationship, financial hardships, stresses, the wrong job etc... Get rid of the limiting beliefs you have.

Let Derek help you with some great tools, CBT, mindfulness, learn to put yourself first with advice and years of experience of life coaching & business mentoring.

Get that balance back in your life and learn to set S. M. A. R. T. Goals for the future. Don’t just talk about it, Do it!!

Book here!!

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