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Crystal Healing

Over the years I have used many different crystals and they still continue to intrigue me. I love having some crystals around me when working as they seem to enhance my work, I first started using a crystal Pendulum in my early days of developing my abilities it helped me gain confidence as I would ask yes and no questions, and even ask where certain things were like missing mobile phones. I have a blog that I use to give advice on crystals and how I use them. 


Crystal PendulumThe term "radiesthesia" was coined by a French priest. It is a combination of Latin and Greek words and means something akin to "the capacity to sense radiations" or "sensitivity to rays/vibrations". 

Radiesthesia is a technique which uses a divining rod or pendulum by which invisible bioelectric activity can be detected in organisms. Rods and pendulums can be used almost anywhere and in theory anything can have a pendulum used on it, for instance character traits, interpersonal relationships, medical diagnoses and medicines, foods, earth rays, precious stones (to check their authenticity) and a host of other applications. 

Missing objects and people, the position of sunken ships or location of wild game can be searched for. It is sometimes claimed that a pendulum can only be used on situations in the present or the past but not events or developments in the near or distant future. But even this is possible - if not for everybody or in the early stages of pendulum work.  

I have linked up with the Treasures of the Earth the Crystal Museum in Corpach Fort William http://www.treasuresoftheearth.co.uk/ 

I also run Crytal workshops  in Treaursures of the Earth, Corpach, Fort William

to book goto http://www.ahappymedium.co.uk/show-event-tickets.html


To see a few Crystals and their meanings Click Here











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